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Behind The Voice

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  • Contacting the actor who played a character in a video game

  • Preparing questions for the guest by watching videos, previous interviews and articles

  • Editing the entire conversation with a strong hook, captions in the intro, removing any silences and removing unneccessary moments.

  • Rendering an audio version which gets uploaded on Spotify & Apple Podcasts

  • Converting certain conversation into reels/shorts which gets uploaded to Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and TikTok.

  • Gained around 600K views on Youtube & 7K listeners on Spotify in over 1 year

Gaming News & Educational Content

  • Creating scripts for different kind of videos e.g. Gaming News, Game Review etc.

  • Gathering footage related to those games.

  • Being the on camera person to record the video and also adding some improv comedy.

  • Editing the entire video by adding an intro, using sound effects for transition between topics, lower thirds whenever neccessary

  • Gaining over 250K views combined with over 250 videos



  • Utilizing different POVs and takes to come up with a story

  • Using a powerful music depending upon the topic and the way of storytelling 

  • Adding color correction, lower thirds and cutting out empty spaces to make sure that people get the best experience watching it

Graphic Designs

  • Creating posters based on video games

  • Creating thumbnails for Behind The Voice podcast

  • Creatives for social media for brands

  • Utilizing Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop based on the type of graphic design

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